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The company specializes in the production, sales, installation and maintenance of food, beverage machinery, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, various screw pumps and chemical pumps. The main single machines are: single-channel beater, double-channel beater, and nuclear pulper. Single screw juicer, belt airbag juicer, plate hoist, bucket elevator, spiral hoist, surf cleaner, bubble cleaner, dial floater, spray washing machine, brush washing Fruit machine, roller washing machine, roller washing machine, blade crusher, hammer crusher, universal crusher, degasser, tube preheater, tube sterilizer, tube concentrator, double Effect concentrating pot, three-piece filling and sealing production line, sterilization machine, self-priming pump, submerged pump, screw pump, stainless steel anti-corrosion pump, etc. The food machinery production capacity is: 1-100 tons per hour. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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